Packaging tips
When it comes to packaging your goods, it's very important to pack right. Here are a few tips to help you by Dynamic Express,the premier Australia wide courier:
  • Put your parcel delivery into the right box

When you send a parcel with us, be aware that your goods may be handled many times by many different hands before it gets to the end destination. Please make sure that the box/carton you choose in is the right size. Choose a box that has enough room for your item and some protective packaging. Also try and package heavy items into smaller boxes and lightweight bulkier items into larger boxes.

  • Don't make the carton too heavy.

If you do pack a heavy carton, mark it as 'HEAVY' in bold writing and write the weight next to it. For Occupational Health and Safety reasons, most transport companies require a maximum liftable weight per item of 25kgs. Boxes that are too heavy can often sag at the bottom - or be dropped accidently. Also, really heavy boxes can be loaded into the 'bulk freight' section of a vehicle. This means that your carton will sit amongst other heavy freight - meaning there is more chance it will be damaged. If your package is really heavy, you could consider breaking it into two separate boxes.

  • Use original packaging if possible

If you still have the original box for a product then it's recommended you use it - especially if you still have the original polystyrene protection that came with the box. This is because this packaging was specifically designed to protect the product. If you have to re-use an old box, make sure that all old bar-coded labels or address labels have been completed removed to avoid sorting issues and delays to your goods.

  • Make sure your package is ready for multiple handling

When sending your goods around Australia with a courier/freight company, your items will be handled numerous times before they arrive to the destination.
If you are sending across Australia (or even within your state) with a courier/freight company, your goods may be loaded and unloaded anywhere from 4-15 times in and out of up to 5 different trucks or rail containers. As such, it is extremely important to package your goods well for the rigorous journey that they are about to take. go to the expense of purchasing packaging material, you can always use shredded paper or scrunched up newspaper. The problem with this type of packaging material is it does not hold its shape and can become compacted during transportation. This creates a void inside the box which can jeopardise the integrity of the box and make it more likely to become crushed or open up during transit.

  • Cushion the contents

Whatever packaging material is used, ensure there is enough cushioning material around the item/s so they don't move if the box is shaken or bumped. Quite often during a long journey in a truck, there will be 'shunting' when the truck stops. Cushioning is very important to stop shock from the outside, passing through to the contents causing damage (this is especially the case for fragile items). A recommendation in the transport industry is that all items are packaged to withstand a one metre drop.

  • Secure your packages
    Proper closure of the box is essential for safe transportation. Use a 'wide' pressure sensitive plastic tape (this can be purchased from storage or packaging companies). Do not use masking tape, Scotch tape, duct tape or string. When taping the box, ensure you go all the way around the box and along the seals (particularly for re-used or old boxes) to stop the box opening during transit.
  • Correctly address/label your goods

    When you have packaged your goods ready for transport, the next step is to address them correctly to ensure they arrive at the destination and on-time.
    Firstly if the goods are fragile, ensure you mark the carton as FRAGILE with either coloured fragile tape (which can be purchased from packaging supply stores or stationery retail outlets like Officeworks), or write FRAGILE on the box in a distinctive location with a coloured marker pen. You want your item to 'stand out' so sorting staff in transport depots notice your goods and its fragile nature. Secondly if you are re-using second hand boxes, make sure there are no old address labels or old barcode identifier labels on the box. This will lead to confusion with sortation staff/drivers and will delay or cause issues with your delivery.

  • Complete a consignment note
    Depending on the transport company you use, most will require you to complete a consignmentnote/ docket for the delivery. The consignment-note is the vital piece of information the company needs to effect correct delivery. You will need to complete information such as:
    • sender's name/address and postcode/contact name/phone number
    • receiver's name/address and postcode/contact name/phone number
    • the number of items sent
    • the weight of each item
    • the dimensions of each item
    • the type of transport service you require (e.g. road freight, Air freight, local courier, overnight satchel, international, etc)
    • and finally you need to sign and date the consignment-note.

Consignment-notes will usually have a:

  • Sender's copy,
  • Receiver's copy
  • Proof of Delivery copy (and sometimes a head office/charge copy).
If you have more than one item in a consignment delivery (to one receiver), place the consignmentnotes/ labels in the same place on each item, especially if all items are identical. This makes it easy for sorting staff in depots to know where to look for the receiver address as they are sorting freight. Do not place the consignment-note/address label over a seam or closure or on top of sealing tape. It is also a good idea to add a sheet of paper with your name and phone number and the receiver address inside the carton in case the consignment-note/address label on the outside of the box comes off during transit.
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